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  • Job Title

    Early Years Practitioner and Teaching Assistants

  • Location

    Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

  • Posted

    6th June 2024

  • School

    The Meadows Primary Academy

  • Salary

    G4 SCP 13-16 £23,115-£23,893 FTE-Pay Award Pending

  • Hours

    Full Time

  • Description

    The Meadows Primary Academy is an ambitious and inclusive community school with passion for delivering high quality education. Our staff are innovative, hardworking and motivated. ...


We are delighted that you are considering joining our team at The Meadows Primary Academy.

The Meadows is an amazing place, and I am immensely proud to be the Headteacher and lead a wonderful team. Recently, the team have said the strengths of the school are:

  • Teamwork
  • A supportive Senior Leadership Team
  • Communication
  • Our drive to improve outcomes for children
  • Our pastoral support for our families and our children

We are an inclusive primary school that has the children at the heart of everything we do. We have a supportive and happy environment which allows children and staff to flourish.

We are extremely proud of what our children accomplish and the knowledge they acquire during their time with us. Our mission is to make sure they reach their full academic and personal potential.

We recognise the importance of staff development has in reaching our mission and are proud of the personalised CPD and support we offer to our staff every day.

Thank you for considering The Meadows Primary Academy and Shaw Education Trust as your potential employer. We look forward to the possibility of having you on our team and look forward to welcoming you to our school soon.

Helen Cunliffe



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Shaw Education Trust

We are part of Shaw Education Trust.

We are a growing multi-academy trust which places high achievement at the heart of all we do. We lead and manage academies in all phases, all sectors and in all communities.

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We believe that everyone has the potential to be extraordinary!

To this end, our growing number of primary schools tirelessly pursue excellence through research-based collaboration and innovation. Our 3D Primary curriculum and pioneering Digital Strategy are designed to create inspirational, energetic and immersive learning experiences. These enable every child to flourish within a caring, stimulating and purposeful atmosphere; fully prepared for their next stage of life and learning.

We know that at primary school, the quality of teaching affects both children’s social behaviour and intellectual development. This stage of learning has a greater impact on children’s academic progress than any other. Recognised through extensive research, it is the importance of early experiences and the powerful combination of home, pre-school and primary school partnerships that set the foundations enabling our amazing children and pupils to succeed.


How to Find Us

How to Find Us

How to Find Us
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At The Meadows, we aim to give our amazing children the very best. Our mission focuses on children, and adults, on the high expectations we have of our school community. Our 6 core values define our ‘personal excellence’ and are the backbone of our school. They guide our behaviour and drive everything we do. We work in close partnership with our parents/carers and the wider community to ensure the success of our children. We passionately believe that children deserve the best possible chances in life and that they learn best when there are strong links between home and school. Our school is an exciting place - the best part about it being our children! They are the heart of everything we do and helping them achieve highly both academically and personally is our sole focus. If you would like to visit us then please get in touch, we would be delighted to show you round our school.

Helen Cunliffe